by Fritz

16th Century Folding Table

March 11, 2013 in Furniture by Fritz

Here is a table I recently finished. I based it on a 16th century original  in the V&A museum in London. The original is made from walnut and is heavily inlaid. Mine is made from white oak and has light carving enhanced with a monochrome (black) pigment added under the oil finish.

The original has chains hold the base at a particular height. Since hand forged chains would have added a lot to the cost and commercially available chains are just too modern looking I chose to use webbing straps instead.

by Fritz

A door closure method.

March 9, 2013 in Tent Research by Fritz

Mughal era painting.

Mughal era painting
This is one of the rare pieces of period art that shows a method of closing doors on a tent.¬† I’m pretty sure Past Tents in the UK uses this method.

I’ve heard, from someone who owned a tent with this style of closure, that the very limited overlap made it difficult to get a good seal against stormy weather.

The other difficulty that I see is that the brass grommets used by other manufacturers are glaringly non-period.

I could hand sew grommets, but that would be prohibitively labor intensive (i.e. expensive) for most people.