by Fritz

An oak field bed

July 16, 2014 in Furniture by Fritz


Here’s a bed I finished last year. Just realized I didn’t have any pictures of it up yet.

It is white oak with ash slats. It is intended to be used with an air mattress, so the spacing between slats is fairly large. With a thinner mattress, I’d probably use thin plywood to lay over the slats. I do have mixed feelings about that, but it is a very effective way of filling in the gaps.

This one is a full, but could easily be reproduced in any size.

Runs about $1500 plus shipping at Full size.






by Fritz

Stripes, Top-to-Bottom

July 15, 2014 in Tents by Fritz






Here’s a big one; 17′. The owner wanted the stripes to go all the way from the peak to the ground, so I modified my pattern to make that possible. This one will also get a blue floor and a gold ball and tiny flag, a la Field of the Cloth of Gold.

The tent also has an extra heavy center-pole (~3″ square vs. my usual ~2″ square) It’s a heavy pole, and I was a bit apprehensive at first, but it looks just right in that big tent. While it is about twice as heavy as the 2″ pole, it is about 3x as strong and 4x as stiff. I imagine that it will be very confidence inspiring on those stormy days and nights that we all love to hate.

The usual curved end to the chamfers on the lower center pole looked very “router-y” since they were so much larger than normal. I hand carved “dart-stops” on them. Very pleased with the way those turned out.

This is now my favorite tent that I’ve made. (They almost always are when I’ve just finished something new, not without good reason). Personally, I’ve always gone for more moderate sizes (14′ -15′), but now that we are campaigning with a toddler (and an infant on the way) a bigger tent is starting to look like a good idea.