What’s included with a tent?

The short answer is; everything you need except yourself, a place to set it up, and a hammer to drive the stakes with (and I’ve been considering adding the hammer).


  • Tent canvas
  • Poles
  • Ropes
  • Stakes
  • Stake bag
  • A copy of “The Pavilion Book” (good care information as well as just generally handy info for campaigning)
  • For more complex tents, a set of set-up instructions
  • A bit of scrap canvas for doing repairs if necessary
  • Shipping or Delivery in the contiguous 48 states. Contact me for shipping outside the U.S. or to Alaska and Hawaii
  • If you live in Colorado, my shipping/delivery costs are lower so I’ll cover the Sales Tax. If you live somewhere I’m not responsible for collecting sales tax, you are on your own on this one.

The tent canvas includes two doors, unless otherwise specified. Doors are generally toggled. Ties are available on request. All wood is finished with a natural, penetrating, oil finish unless otherwise requested.

What’s not included?

Sod cloths, floors, decorations, extra ropes, and bags for the canvas or poles are optional and not part of the base “complete” tent. If you want a less than complete tent, I can do that too, just tell me what parts you don’t need and I’ll work out the new price.

Stalwart Round Pavilions DO come with integrated sod cloths and long stake loops, a pole bag, four spare ropes and stakes for high winds or “sunshade” set-up, and basic appliquéd decorations. (included decoration can be seam and hem stripes, or a colored peak, valance, and boot stripe.) Fancy decorations such as appliquéd stars, heraldry, or gothic arches are extra.