All my furniture is hand made, to order, by me.  I generally use power machinery to do stock preparation (where it saves a lot of time) and use a combination of hand tools and machines to cut and fit the joinery. I use period correct (and very sturdy) joinery, including pegged mortise and tenon joints. All pieces are finished with a durable and natural oil finish, unless otherwise requested.

Me and my favorite mallet.  (photo by

It is my goal to produce the most authentic looking and feeling furniture that I can, while keeping the price reasonable.

I have the most examples of, and experience with, furniture from the 16th century, but am happy to work with you to best meet your needs. My focus on the 16th century stems, in part, from there being a good deal of surviving original pieces to study. Prior to about 1500, there was substantially less furniture being made. The middle class really started thriving and expanding in the 16th century, and had the buying power to demand a great deal of furniture, compared to the relatively small noble classes or the poorer classes.  Of course, 16th century furniture,  as well as being more plentiful, has also had to survive for centuries less than older furniture.

I’m always interested in working on new styles and designs; so, if you have seen a piece in a museum or book that you liked, let me know and we will make it happen. If you’d like something different that what you see here, but aren’t sure what, let me know. I have lots of pictures of originals to work from (far too many to reproduce here legally).

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