Conical Tent

Conical tentConical2Setting up a conical tent, 13th century manuscript - Chanson d'Aspremont

The conical is a very basic form of tent. I am positive that it goes back at least to the 12th century in Europe, but suspect it is much older than that.

With only 1 pole, conicals are extremely easy to pitch, especially if you have a fitted floor(to help guide stake placement). They are probably the most wind resistant of all tents.

All my conicals have at least a little bit of stand up room, but due to the slope of the roof, they don’t have much, even in large sizes. A small conical will be a cozy home for 1 or 2. A large one can sleep a whole fighting squad (head at center, feet to the outside), though perhaps not in luxury. In any case, this is on-the-floor living, not with beds, tables and chairs.

As with all my tents, two doors are standard. A splice in the center pole is not standard, but is available and makes for extremely compact packing.

Please note that the photos at left show the tent with the optional floor and sod cloths.

Base Size
Peak Height
Price, Complete
Sod Cloths
Fitted Floor
Seam Stripes
1410'6' 6"5504050120/15050no charge
1611' 6"6' 6"6606055150/18560no charge
1813'6' 6"7708060190/24070no charge
2014' 6"7'88010065230/29080no charge
2216'7' 6"99012070280/35590no charge
2417' 6"8'110014075330/415100no charge