Marquee style tents are useful where square corners and vertical walls are valued. They are favored by many merchants for these reasons. My marquees are of the high slope roof style (45 degree) with poles every 3′. They come with the walls in two pieces and toggle to the roof by default. This forms two doors. More doors and S-hook/rope style wall connection are available as an option.

Set-Up kits include:

  • 1-1/8″ Ash perimeter poles and 1-78″ Ash center poles and ridge beams. All wood is finished with a penetrating oil finish. Poles longer than 7′ are scarphed.
  • 1/4″ hemp ropes for all perimeter poles. Wind lines for the center pole(s) are an available option.
  • 12″ long 3/8″ hand forged iron stakes for perimeter ropes and 9″ x 5/16″ stakes for wall bottoms.
  • Stake bag and Rope Bag

Read about options here.

Prices coming soon