Wedge Tent

Siennese tentsWedge tentWedge tent (both doors open)Wedge tent (1 door open)

The Wedge is one of the most basic forms of tent. It is period correct from antiquity to the present day and across Europe and Asia. Details of construction and structure vary over time and space, but the basic form holds true.

This is my least expensive tent. It is small, but not tiny. It will provide a cozy home for one or, in a pinch, could keep two adults and a child warm and dry for a weekend or a week.

Both poles and ridge beam are under 7′ long (splicing is available, but would only be necessary in the smallest of carriages). As with all my tents, two doors are standard.

Please note that the photos at left show the tent with the optional floor and sod cloths.

If you want the authentic Siennese version (from the top picture)… let me know, that’s cheap and easy if not particularly cozy :~)

Sod Cloths
Fitted Floor
Seam Stripes
7'8'7'70055358035/50no charge
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