Winged shade

Winged Shade

The Winged Shade, aka BC, might actually be period. I have seen one piece of period art which has something that appears remarkably similar (read John LaTorre’s article here). In any case, the design is certainly simple and effective.

As a type, they provide good shade, and a bit of wind block (depending on the direction). The triangular wings do help stabilize them, but they should probably be taken down in extreme winds.

Mine are made from the same 10 oz Sunforger fabric as my other tents, so they actually do provide reasonable cover in rain. This does make them a bit heavier though. If you want one in a lighter fabric, let me know.

Price, Canvas only
Set-up Kit
Flame Retardant
Seam Stripes
14'30'11'1400700200170no charge
14'20'10'900700140140no charge
Prices include shippingno charge
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