Authentic seating is one of the hardest things to come by for re-enactors.  While a table can be covered with a table cloth, a modern folding chair covered with a blanket still looks like a modern folding chair, just covered with a blanket. I’ll very happily work with you to create historical seating that will fit your needs.  My efforts thus far have been focused on getting a comfortable and portable chair that is as authentic as I can make it, without the price climbing too high.

The examples below were made with the staves cut straight, rather than with the slight curves of  the originals. This greatly reduces the labor, without changing the fit or appearance too much. These chairs run $300 each (plus shipping, unless I can deliver them to you).

If you are interested in a different style, or would simply like this style more elaborately rendered, let me know and we will make it happen.  I have plenty of pictures of other styles of seating, from stools and benches to high-backed armchairs.

Chairs are generally made to order, but sometimes in small batches to help reduce the labor time per chair.