Round Pavilion Set-Up

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Preparation and Layout

1. Choose the center point of your tent and plant the baseplate. There is a small spike included which will fit the hole in the base.

2. Assemble your center pole.
Slide the hub on. (Align the arrows carved on the hub and centerpole.)
Lay the centerpole on the ground with the top end at your baseplate. (If you don't, you won't be able to attach all your guy-ropes.)

3. Assemble the roof.
  1. Slide the center pole up inside the roof.
  2. Put the top spike down through the roof and into the hole in the top of the centerpole.
  3. Add the standoff nipple to the spike. (this helps keep the guy-lines from rubbing on the tent roof)
  4. Slip the eyesplices of the guy-lines over the spike.
  5. Add a pennant or finial if you have one.

4. Set the guy-lines.
  1. Pace out about 14 feet away from the baseplate.
  2. Drive a spike most of the way into the ground. (angled away from the baseplate).
  3. Tie one of the guy-lines to it using a tautline hitch. (Google "How to tie a tautline hitch" for plenty of tutorials)
  4. Repeat for the rest of the guy-lines. (I now include 4 guy-ropes because it is much easier to space them evenly than it is for three.)

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