Round Pavilion Set-Up

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Hanging the Walls

1. Loop the wall loops over the toggles in the roof.
Note that the loops on the walls are attached to one side only of the walls. This should be facing the outside of the tent.
If you don't do this the same for both walls, the door closures won't line up.

Note for "fun sized" people: Again, just set your step stool in one spot and turn the tent as you work your way around.

2. Close the Doors.
After both walls are hung, close both doors with all toggles.
If you don't close the doors now you may not be able to after the walls are staked down.

3. Stake down the walls.
Start with a stake on either side of a door.
Drive them in just a bit. You may need to move stakes before you are done.
Now put in every other stake, while trying to keep the walls fairly straight between stakes.
Still don't drive the stakes in very far.
Step back and take a look. Does the tent seem fairly balanced, or have you pulled it to one side or the other? Make corrections if necessary.

Put in remaining stakes. Try to get the angles equal at each seam and a bit of tension on the canvas. You don't want the walls saggy, but you also don't want them taut.
Step back and take another look. Hopefully, it's nice and round. Make corrections if necessary.
Drive the stakes down to the ground.
Now that the walls are staked down, you can drop any of the guy-lines that are in the way. It is usually best to pull the stakes for these now, rather than leaving them as a tripping hazard.

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