Round Pavilion Set-Up

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Raising the Roof

1. Stand the center pole up. You can do this in stages if necessary by leaning the pole into 2 of the guy-lines.
Set the bottom of the pole into the baseplate.

2. Adjust guy-ropes.
Adjust the tension on the guy-lines to get the pole approximately vertical.
Don't try to get this perfect. The ground likely isn't level anyway.

3. Insert a Spoke.
  1. There is a round end and an angled end to each spoke. Holding the spoke vertical with the round end up, slide the spoke up along the center pole, inside the canvas.
  2. Set the angled end into a pocket in the eaves of the roof.
  3. Push the roof out with the spoke until the spoke is horizontal.
  4. Put the round end into a hole in the hub.
  5. Double check that the spoke is seated in the hub and that the angled end slopes the same direction as the roof.

4. Insert every other spoke.
  1. Repeat, but skip every other spoke.
  2. You can skip two or even three spokes each time, but...
  3. Make sure you skip the same number of eave pockets as you do holes in the hub. If you don't, you will find it difficult to get the spokes in.

5. Insert remaining spokes.

Note for short people (a friend of mine says she isn't short but rather "fun sized"): You can put a step stool next to the center pole. Getting the angled end into the pockets isn't too difficult and the step stool will let you reach the hub. As you work your way around don't move your step stool. Instead, simply turn the tent using the spokes as handles.

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